If you know me, you know that I am a sparkling - not still water, girl.  I love sparkling beverages like fizzy waters and carbonated, fermented drinks like kombucha. I should own stock in San Pellegrino because it’s always in my house! -)

I LOVE  making drinks with kombucha, a sparkling, fermented yeast tea beverage that is jam-packed with probiotics (it’s like fizzy apple cider vinegar).  It can be a good thing for your gut health.  Today, I am going to mix up a gut-healthy mocktail — not to worry they can be easily made into cocktails for party time!

kombucha bottle

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Lately, I am crushing on frozen cherries.  I add them to my warm oatmeal, yogurt and even just pop them into my mouth for a soothing sweet treat.  I am going to add the bomb: frozen cherries!  They are like sweet ice cubes in this gut-healthy kombucha bevy.

It’s super simple to whip these up.  If you want to make it a little boozy add 1/2 shot of vodka or gin to each glass.  You could make it margarita-like with tequila, too!

kombucha 1

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Kombucha drink 2

Makes 2 drinks


16 ounce bottle Gingerade or Ginger Lemon kombucha

1 cup frozen sweet cherries

2 lemon wedges, optional for glass decor


Keep cherries frozen until the last minute.

Fill tumbler-style glasses half-way with frozen cherries; pour in kombucha.

If you want to add alcohol, now is the time.

Enjoy your fizzy tonic!



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