Sometimes it’s hard to recall what I ate for breakfast, but when it comes to my blog it’s easy to remember a year’s worth of recipes.  From the good to great - and those that didn’t come close to hitting the mark, each recipe post is a labor of love.


As we ring in 2016, I think about all of the fun I had creating my blog over the past year.  It’s been quite the experiment in tasting, crafting and stretching my culinary imagination.  From the recipe development to chopping, mixing, kneading, baking, and grilling to food styling and taking the ‘perfect’ food photos - blogging takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work.  At times, it can be isolating, frustrating [especially when I recipe doesn’t work out - and it’s back to the drawing board] yet a sheer delight when it all comes together.  It’s an emotional trip.  I want to thank my blogging buddies, especially from Blog Brulee and Recipe Redux, who make this such a fun blogging adventure every day.

My Top 5 Fun Behind-the-Blogging-Scenes Secrets (that are hidden, out-of-sight from the cameras!):

1) Out of sight, out of mind. Every one of my food photos is surrounded by a kitchen that is in disarray (from dirty dishes, mixers, cookbooks, floured countertops and burnt nuts on the stove, etc.) It’s part of the territory - as least in my kitchen.

2 ) No high tech tools.  I don’t have a fancy camera; I use my iPhone to take my food photos.  Although, I’d like to change that in 2016!

3)  Change on a dime.  If I botch up a recipes or it doesn’t quite work out like planned, sometimes I change it to meet my needs at the moment.  For example, if I set out to make crab cakes, but don’t have all of the ingredients, I put the crab meat bits over greens and make a salad.  Flexibility is the key.

4)  Picky family.  I try out recipes on my husband and kids and many times they don’t like what I make.  My desire for whole grains, veggie-based, lower-salt, spicy dishes doesn’t always appeal to them.  I have developed a tough skin and stick with my food and nutrition convictions (even if I am the only one who eats my dishes).  I hope my readers like what I make, though.

5) Location, location, location.  The beauty of blogging is that you can create the recipe, shoot the photos, but actually put it all together in a completely different location; sometimes it’s on the beach, poolside or at your child’s soccer game.  It’s a remote activity, that you don’t have to be in your kitchen to do!

That’s all for now.  Can any of you relate to this or perhaps you have more to add?  I’d love to hear.

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2016!  Thank you for taking the time to cook and eat with me.

Enjoy eating simply,








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