Spirits. Libations. Cocktails. Drinks.  Whatever you call them, the holidays brim with opportunities to toast to the season!  There’s something so special about bubbly drinks at holiday time.  Perhaps it’s the way the Christmas lights reflect off the  streaming carbonation coming up from a freshly poured glass of champagne or the glitter of ice cubes clanking in a glass.  With all of the festivities it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and lose your good sense, therefore it’s important to curtail the alcohol - just not the drinking.  Staying hydrated over the holidays is important — you’ll not only save hundreds of calories, but you’ll avoid the dreaded hangovers when you cut back on alcohol.

Here are some fun ways to go alcohol-free and still have fun!



  • Combine sparkling water with a bevy of mixers (I’ll be making a few drinks for you below). 
  • Sip regular water before you start drinking and between alcoholic drinks.
  • Choose non-alcoholic egg nog (keep the serving size small, though as the calories add up!)
  • Enjoy spritzers.  Enjoy a white or red wine spritzer and cut the alcohol in half. 




Sparkling Fruity Pomegranate Punch 

Sparkling water + pomegranate juice + sliced apples, oranges and/or cranberries. (I use POM Wonderful; I am a spokesperson for Wonderful Brands.)  Enjoy!

Minty Lime Mojito

Sparkling water + a squeeze or two of fresh lime + 2 fresh mint leaves.  Enjoy!

Sparkling Citrus Ginger Mimosa 

Sparkling water + a few mandarin orange slices (I love Wonderful Halos) + fresh ginger root shavings + a few cranberries.

Simple tip: Sparkling apple cranberry or red grape juice work great, too.  Just pour into a glass and enjoy!










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